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Three Simple Rules for Climate-Safe Living

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Our fingers are glued to the global climate thermostat as we continue to pump ever more climate-altering gases into the atmosphere.

And, in a feverish delirium where the present has been severed from the future, we dial it higher and higher. Foolishly and dangerously.

An urgent shift to “Climate-safe Living” is necessary to dial down the temperature on our global greenhouse.

How can we make this shift?

Practice These Three Simple Rules:

1. Reduce.

Reduce fossil fuel consumption everywhere.

2. Eliminate.

Eliminate all non-essential activities and products that involve burning fossil fuel.

3. Demand.

Demand that business and government provide transport, activities and products that use minimize fossil fuel use.

R.E.D.  Reduce.  Eliminate.  Demand. 

This site is dedicated to finding ways to shift to climate-safe lifestyles.

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Stephen Leahy, Environmental Journalist


Activist recycles proven methods of sustainability

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‘I finally got it,” she recalls. ”I realised the way I was living was not just expensive but completely unsustainable.”

She started taking small steps at home.

The 4WD was sold and replaced with a bus ticket, although she concedes that public transport on the northern beaches is ”not fantastic”.

Appliances were routinely switched off at the outlet.

Reusable shopping bags replaced plastic ones.

Shopping lists were planned precisely to reduce wastage and worm farms were brought in for the scraps.

”I got my electricity bill down by 20 per cent, I got my food waste down by 50 per cent,” she said. ”Once I started to take action in my own life and see a tangible result, I took ownership of it.”

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Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change

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The book Stormy Weather tells the story of climate change, and describes 101 Solutions in detail. Here is an example of what it covers.


1. Grasp the Big Picture

2. Travel More Sustainably

3. If You Must Use a Car, Switch to the Most Fuel Efficient Model

4 . Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

5. Make Your Home More Efficient

6. Use the Sun’s Energy

7. Buy Green Power

8. Switch to a More Organic, Vegetarian Diet

9. Invest in Solar Funds

10. Live More Sustainably


11. Set up a Local Group

12. Set up a Regional Group

13. Organize a Schools Initiative

14. Organize a Church Initiative

15. Organize a College Initiative

16. Organize a Car-Free Sunday

17. Start a Car-Share Organization

18. Create a Commotion

19. Educate Your Politicians

20. Link up with Other Groups